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The North Kent Downs AONB Case Study

Updated: Mar 22


The project initially set out to impart key information on how best to use the vast

networks of Public rights of way (PROW) across Kent. The film would detail who

could use different route types, different signage and top tips to make your time

exploring the trails safe and fun! We had a content list of must haves to incorporate within the filming. The campaign required an initial piece of research to be conducted, as the depicted audience to target were inexperienced and new to the PROW’s. Many people had discovered walking, cycling and running throughout lockdown and therefore this would encourage people to utilise what’s on their doorstep!


We wanted to create more than just an information film so our project outline included the production of a short marketing video accompanied by 8 social shorts to allow distribution via both programmatic and social channels. There was another key factor for us, making the films inspirational and beautiful with viewers inspired to visit the amazing places we capture on the trails! We had a vision that involved using a variety of

equipment from the ground and aerially to create the desired finished product!


• Pre-production recce and client meet up

• Edit of initial short to give client style and feel guide.

• Research campaign talking with different people out on the PROW’s

• Research report

• Pre shoot location lists/schedule/people arrangements

• Film days with camera operators/drone pilot and director

• Voiceover script written and recorded

• 10 pieces of collateral - voiceover/music/natural sounds and on screen messaging

• Marketing campaign across a highly focused audience

• Social campaign on Instagram/Facebook and twitter

• Full reporting



Here are some headline figures from the 4 week marketing campaign.


The client gave us access to their social channels.

We then distributed a vastly organic social campaign across existing social media channels with these short films receiving the following video views:

• Instagram 9335 views

• Facebook 4755

• Twitter 2148

This campaign also generated a 10% increase of new followers. In total the campaign gained a whopping 343,474 views.

Kent Downs Social Campaign
Kent Downs AONB Social Campaign

Working with our client the key audience was identified and discussed for the programmatic dissemination - Some of the key drivers for this included :

Geographic - Kent/East London/Southern Essex/East Sussex

Demographic - Male/female/16-65/families/couples/friends

Interests - Walking/cycling/running/outdoors/nature/exercise/heritage/coast

The final numbers comprised of 325,995 video starts with an amazing 307,542 completed views across the targeted audience.


Richard, Luca and the team at Move Media were a joy to work with; professional and creative in equal measure. They guided us through the production process towards an end product that we are delighted with.

Catherine Bradley - European and Project Development Manager


This was The Kent Downs first video project of this type.

As with many projects adjustments had to be made (such as creating a script for Voiceover to reinforce key messaging) but this lead to us forming a really collaborative working relationship that is required to create an incredible campaign. The real proof that film has truly worked for the Kent Downs is based around the fact that we have just embarked on the second campaign together!