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Nicholas Anthony - Behind The Scenes

Updated: Mar 22

Showcasing high end luxury kitchens is about so much more than simply capturing displays.

Nicholas Anthony has completed thousands of projects over its 55 years in the industry, each one bespoke and unique. Nicholas Anthony are specialists when it comes to the sourcing, design and installation of industry-leading kitchens. As well as their own signature range, they have also partnered with the luxury German brand, SieMatic to bring their customers the very best in the industry.

Nicholas Anthony create amazing Kitchens, making that all important heart of the home! Quality is essential whether precision engineered or handbuilt by British workshops, therefore the short films need to tell a story, emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and lifestyle to the audience.

The film days involve creating mini sets for each kitchen, dressing and accessorising to portray the kitchen as a whole whilst featuring detail of finishes and materials. Producing a look and feel that depicts and becomes synonymous with Nicholas Anthony is the goal we are currently working towards!!

Adding the final videos real soon!